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With a focus on personalized care, our pet-friendly compounded medicine strives to remove anxiety from pet healthcare for pets and pet parents to help greater treatment compliance. To explore our range of personalized solutions, log in or request an account by visiting the links below.

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Our new, state-of-the-art facility delivers even more innovation and efficiency to Covetrus® Personalized Care Pharmacies. Explore the new space that will enable us to prepare more products to meet your needs and to deliver them even faster to practices and pet parents.


Explore our library of resources and videos to understand the different options we have and how they may help support your patients and owners.

What are compounded medications?

How to Dose – Transdermal Gels

How to Dose – Liquids

How to Dose – MiniTabs

How to Dose – MiniMelts

These videos were created in partnership with Certified Cat Behaviorist Ingrid Johnson, paid consultant for Covetrus.

Dose forms

Each pet is unique. With over 34 flavors, you can create a personalized dosing solution for each patient to accommodate their preferences, making medication administration easier. Our compounded liquids, suspensions and soft chews all come in a variety of savory, sweet or fruity flavors. Our pharmacy team is excited to help you explore personalized options for your patients. Reach out today at 877-518-4589.

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The correct dose is only a snap (or three) away with our FlexTabs. Scoring in half on one side and thirds on the other side offers four dosing options to meet your pet’s needs. Plus, one 30-count order offers up to 90 doses.

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Mini-Melts are specially designed to dissolve rapidly in saliva for simplified dosing. Simply place in your pet’s mouth or crush and sprinkle over food and watch it dissolve.

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Precision dosing with 7 mm easy-to swallow tablets for smaller animals.


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Soft Chews

Soft, flavored chews make giving your pets medication as easy as giving a treat. With a variety of flavors, mix and match to their preferred taste.

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Liquids and Suspensions

Our compounded liquids begin with purity tested active pharmaceutical ingredients and end with stability testing. Liquids bring the opportunity to titrate the dose to therapeutic levels while offering 34+ flavor options to make dosing even easier.

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Our high quality, compounded medications can be customized to the exact dose needed in easy-to-administer, taste-free capsules.

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Transdermal Gels & clickdose Pens

Our transdermal gels are available in several different dispensing options to ensure compliance. Our most popular – the ClickDose pen-can help alleviate the stress of medicating a pet orally.

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Prepared in a lanolin base, and customized to the unique ear, each OTI-PACK® features a pre-filled 3 ml syringe with otic applicator for easy application. OTI-PACKS® save your clients time and improve compliance.

*Please see updated product information as of February 2023

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Meet the compounding team

Eric Oliver

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For most of the people that work here, it’s not just a job. They truly believe in what we’re doing here and the impact that it has on the industry. We are providing quality medications to our animal patients, and that has an impact on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Nick Tymochko

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We work hand-in-hand with the veterinarian to take a humanized approach to veterinary medicine – working with the triangle of the veterinarian, pharmacy, and pet parent. I think it’s important that those three people making the decisions provide an optimal therapeutic treatment outcome for their client.

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